Great Canadian Pale Ale Showdown

All photos by David Campion-Smith

Canuck Pale Ale

Great Lakes Brewery Canuck Pale Ale

This beer has a rich creamy cloudy yellow colour in the glass with a small head that dissipates quickly. It has a fresh hoppy scent with strong citrus flavours, especially lemon. In terms of taste this beer is clean and refreshing, with no overpowering taste. With a good balance of flavours this beer is a perfect easy sipping drink and certainly worth picking up.

Canadian Pale Ale

Old Tomorrow Canadian Pale Ale

When I first picked this up I thought it was a pale ale from WhiteWater Brewing because they have the same sort of can designs, whoops. Old Tomorrow has a cool back story to it’s name since it was apparently a nickname for Canada’s first Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald.

Both of these beers shared a lot of characteristics, which makes sense because they’re the same style of beer. This one was a little darker than the first one and smelled sweeter. It also had a more complex taste but still a good mix of sweet and hoppy flavours. The hoppy flavours were stronger than I initially thought. Of the two I would pick the Great Lakes Brewery, although Old Tomorrow is certainly with a pickup as well. Plus you’ll learn a little about politics and history from the back of the can!


3 thoughts on “Great Canadian Pale Ale Showdown

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