The Big Bold Beautiful Beau’s Journey Begins

Photos by Liam Montgomery

In celebration of Beau’s All Natural Brewing being announced the official beer partner of Ottawa 2017, I am working my way through their current offerings. I realize I am a year early for anything official, but it is not so much a celebration of the announcement as an excuse for me to drink some of their beer. In either event my first stop was not with their flagship brew, Lugtread Ale, but rather with Golden Vox and Koru. This was a conscious choice unlike the blunder my editorial overlord David made on his latest review which you can find here.

Koru is a Belgian-Style Pale Ale and is apart of the Wild Oats series. It has 6.0 % abv, and is classified by Beau’s as a strong beer.  Golden Vox is a 6% Rye Pale Lagered Ale, and it promises to be something different enough to be interesting.

Beau's Gv K Pic 2

Golden Vox is golden and clear with a head that dissipates quickly. It has a strong easy to detect scent. Yet it is light, fresh, and summery. Hints of citrus, fermented citrus but still citrus. Like many contemporary craft brews hops play a role in Golden Vox, lucky they are not overused here. The hops along with the bitter from the rye balance against the sweet citrus notes. This creates a smooth, nuanced taste. It is best served cold, but tests at room temperature were also positive. The aftertaste is best summed up as a dull, bitter thud of rye which lingers on.  

Beau's GV K Pic 3

Koru is golden and murky, with a foamy head. Overall the flavour profile and the nose of the Koru is similar to the Golden Vox, with the distinct lack of rye. This creates a more familiar taste, one with potentially broader appeal.

Beau's GV K Pic 4

Golden Vox and Koru are both  enjoyable beers, good for keeping your beer drinking from going flat. Golden Vox is definitely the larger leap from the norm. My Final Verdict? Inconclusive, seems like I’m going to need a second round. If you try either and like it I would also recommend the Innis and Gunn Toasted Oak. The last time I checked it was available on tap at the Highlander Scottish Pub in the Market on Rideau Street, or at most LCBO stores.

Keep those bottoms up. For more on beer and booze stay tuned.


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