Ginger Beer and Root Beer

Photos by David Campion-Smith



Crazy Beard Mad Ginger Beer

This is an amazing drink. It has a very interesting balance of that essential ginger heat, more than a ginger ale but less than most non-alcoholic ginger beers. I should probably tell you that I love ginger ale, and all ginger flavoured things. The Mad Ginger Beer is drink that’s refreshing and tasty enough to drink all day long on a hot day, while still being a little intriguing, as different sips bring different levels of heat and little note of hidden citrus. I highly recommend giving this a try, especially in the summer.


Dusty Boots Hard Root Beer

This is easily misleading, and if you didn’t see the bottle you might easily believe it was just another root beer. At first sniff it certainly smells like another root beer, with those add tangy notes and a hint of vanilla. The alcohol only really kicks in after you take a sip. Those notes you smelled continue, and some of the tang at least tastes a little like anise. This drink is certainly worth a taste, although it is a sipping drink, and not something you’re very likely to bring to a party. While it is worth buying once, overall this makes me wonder what it would taste like if I dropped a shot of vodka into some A&W root beer


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