Sunnysides and Radlers

This week one of our sites favourite breweries, Great Lakes Brewing wrapped up a photo contest for one of their beers. Since I decided to enter the contest I figured I might as well review the beer while I was at it. I was also frankly a little embarrassed by the fact that we haven’t reviewed anything by Ottawa’s own Kichissippi beer so I got their radler to rectify that particular mistake.


Sunnyside Session IPA

Coming in at 3.9% this beer is a good summer beer. It looks quite similar to a cloudy ginger ale, golden coloured and with a white head. As you’d expect there’s a lot of hoppiness on the nose of this, but also a bit of caramel to balance it out. Once tasted it’s a good balance of classic hop bitterness and sweetness.  My big concern with IPAs is that they’re very often nothing but bitter and hoppy, but this one isn’t that case.


Kichissippi Radler

Before getting into the review let’s talk a bit about what exactly a radler is. Radlers are a mix of beer and fruit juice, typically grapefruit or lemonade. Like so much else about beer these drinks originated in Bavaria, and first served as refreshments to thirsty cyclists.

This things is amazing. It’s got an ABV of 3%, and is a light fruity drink that is so summery it almost looks like canned sunshine. On the palate it’s fruit forward, with the beer coming in nice and clean at the end. I would strongly recommend this as a summer drink, or any time you need a little fix of summer. I’m also interested in seeing how people who don’t like beer like this drink, because it is so fruit forward it might be a good way to ease newcomers into beer.


Bonus picture

If anyone’s curious here’s the picture we submitted to the contest.


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