The Jameson Jump-off

Jameson Irish Whiskey is the whiskey I drank getting my drinking legs under me. So it seems appropriate that I use it to get my whiskey review legs under me. That being said normal Jameson is boring. It is good, but boring as hell for me and not really worth looking at in this manner. So I ended up going with the Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel. This whisky was matured in flame charred barrels with the intention of given it a richer flavour.

Jameson SR 2

The select reserve has a darker tint than the standard Jameson, it is a gold colour, approaching copper. Not that that really matters. On the nose you get metallic pangs, some smoke and charr from the barrels, and hints of the nearby Brexit. On the palate it is smooth and slightly sweet. It is very easy to drink, almost too easy. It does have hints of char from the black barrels. These notes of char are picked up stronger in the finish.

Jameson SR 3

Overall I’d say it taste like whiskey to me. It is a good entry level, in both price and flavour. If you are a fan of Jameson and are looking for a change up but don’t really want to shake the boat too much this works. Same Jameson taste with some added, and I would argue needed, complexity.

 For more beer and booze stay tuned to Drinks with David.  

Keep those bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery

P.S., Don’t buy Jameson Caskmates. That stuff is shitty. Trust me on this one.



One thought on “The Jameson Jump-off

  1. Oh dear!
    I don’t know what you normally drink but Caskmates is a step up from the Original Jameson.
    Using beer barrels from craft brewers adds more depth to the whiskey.
    At it’s price point you couldn’t get much better.


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