Naughty Otter, Special Ale, and the Root of Evil

Words and pictures by David Campion-Smith

There’s a bit of story with this set of reviews. The Naughty Otter lager that I review below was supposed to be part of a different review, but unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those two beers. Instead of letting my notes go to waste I searched high and low in the LCBO on my next visits and was able to grab a picture there.


Gananoque Brewing Naughty Otter Lager

I haven’t ever tried mead but I’m guessing it tastes oddly similar to this beer. Lagers aren’t the sweetest of beers typically but this one had tastes of fruit like peaches and apricots, as well as honey. It has a light gold colour and is slightly cloudy. Give this a shot if you have a bit of a sweet tooth but still want a beer.


Wellington Special Pale Ale

This brewery out of Guelph produces one of my favourite dark beers in their Russian Imperial Stout so I was curious to see how I would enjoy their paler options. This was an interesting beer. It’s thicker and has a hoppier taste than other pale ales tend to have. There was of course the pretty typical caramel flavour that you’d expect but also some fruit flavours. My glass also had a hint of sourness to it.


Whiprsnaper Brewing Root of Evil Pre Prohibition Lager

With sweetness, hops and malt on the nose, a pale yellow colour and white head this has all the makings of a classic lager style beer. The taste though is definitely unique. Before drinking this I had no idea what the pre-Prohibition part of the name meant for how it was made. This beer was made with roasted corn and smoked malt and those flavours certainly come through. There’s a lot of smoke and pepper flavours going on in this, as well as a flavour that can only be described as old timey.



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