What’s in a pint?

Picture by Creative Commons user Pexels. Article by David Campion-Smith

You go to a bar and you order a pint. Maybe you got a different glass when you ordered the Guinness than when you ordered the Barking Squirrel but that’s probably a marketing issue. That’s the whole story right?

Like so many things in life the truth is more complicated than that. Hold on tight because we’re about to enter the confusing world of measurement units. In Canada a true honest “pint” is an imperial pint of 20 imperial ounces. American pints are 16 ounces. So yes our pints are bigger.

Some glasses, typically those in England have an indicator on the glass to show where the pint of beer ends. This is different than the top of the glass because their idea of a pint does not include the head, just the liquid beer. American glasses don’t have this measurement because they’re a pint with the head included.

If you’re curious for more information about different forms of glasses check out this cool guide posted to reddit by user ecky–ptang-zooboing. That guide gives an overview of not just pint glasses but all beer glasses that are out there.

Hope you enjoyed this shorter post. We’ll have some whisky reviews for you soon and lots of beer news coming up next week. 


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