Highlander Scotch Tasting Part One of Many

I was once asked if I spent all my time at the Highlander. I don’t for the record. I just spend mainly all of my money there. You see the issue is that the Highlander has a great selection of scotch and whisky. Too good of a selection really.  So yeah, I often wander in and then stumble out.  I’ll never try all of the different scotches there however I will try a shit ton. This was far from my first visit to the Highlander, but it is a good a place to start documenting as any.

Monkey Shoulder

My first Scotch of this expedition was the blended Monkey Shoulder, I have had it before and it is a good all rounder. The body of the scotch is a warm copper. The nose is complex and rich , mixing nuts, fruit ,and spice. It is well rounded.  The palate is very smooth, a benefit of a quality blended malt scotch. Sweet with a slight spice. The finish lingers on the tip of the tongue.


The Ardbeg Ten Year single malt scotch is one of my all time favourite scotches in my drinking career thus far. It comes from Islay, an island of Scotland famous for its peaty scotches. Ardbeg Ten has a surprisingly pale body, especially when considering the strong nose and palate it packs. It has one of the peatiest noses you will find around in a single malt scotch and it also packs a strong smoke. The Ardbeg is 46% packing a slightly bigger punch than the average 40% whiskeys, due to the fact that Ardbeg is not chill-filtered . This translates into a bold flavour. With strong peat smoke and iodine it is deep and balanced. You get a fairly strong hit of iodine as the finish.

The Dalmore

I rounded off the professional section of my night with The Dalmore King Alexander III. This scotch was brand new to me. I believe I have had a Dalmore before , but the King Alexander III is normally out of my price range. But thanks to the Highlander’s Scotch club I was able to reach above my station. The Dalmore it has a amber body, and a rich nose with hints of brown sugar. The palate has a slight spice, balanced with sweet. It has a finish that lingers.

As a side note the scotch club is free to join and definitely worth it so any Ottawa readers should check it out. And let’s face it all five of you reading this are probably in Ottawa right now, and maybe have been told about this already by me. All of the scotches are great. If you are starting to get into scotch the Monkey Shoulder is a great option at a great price, and honestly is a great all rounder no matter how much scotch you have had. The Ardbeg is a no brainer for any peat hounds. And The Dalmore King Alexander III is the clear choice for if you need to burn off some cash.

Keep those Bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery


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