Pink Fuzz Grindstone

Howdy everyone I hope you’re doing well! This is a special week as both of these beers are locally brewed in Ottawa. Hopefully you’re all taking some time this summer to go out and explore some of the great breweries that exist in our city, it’s always a good weekend plan.

Pink Fuzz

Beyond the Pale Pink Fuzz Grapefruit Wheat

This beer comes out with a cloudy gold colour topped with a thick whitehead that stays for a while. There’s a strong citrus smell that I chalked up to hops but could as easily be the grapefruit. It’s a good time to point out that grapefruit is a bitter citrus fruit, at least in comparison to others and has a relatively similar flavour profile to most of the classic IPA hop styles. For taste there’s a lot of bitterness although not overpowering, and it remains at an easily drinkable level. Pink Fuzz comes in at 6% ABV which you can certainly feel. If you’re looking for an Ottawa beer that’s a little different I highly recommend giving this a try.


BroadHead Grindstone Amber Ale

This is a classic amber style ale, with a copper/red colour. There’s a strong sweet smell, more specifically syrup like sugar or molasses. There are lots of malt flavours, which give it that classic sweetness. Interestingly the mouthfeel, which is apparently a real word according to spell check, is quite light for what I expected would be a heavy beer. Mouthfeel is such an important part of a beer to me and sums up a lot of the indescribable feelings of tasting. Again this one is definitely worth picking up on your next beer run.


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