Great Lakes Brewery Swamp Water #26

This was my first growler, and part of the prize I won in a photo contest run by Great Lakes Brewery. I talk more about the contest and have the picture I submitted in this review of GLB’s Sunnyside Session IPA and Kichissippi Radler.

This is called swamp juice because that’s exactly what it is, a mix of the beers they’re brewing at the time. All of the ones they’ve released so far are mixes of IPAs and Pale Ales. I don’t know which of their beers are in this particular swamp juice since their site stops at #24. I think this concept is very interesting, and something that could really only work at a craft brewery, where each beer is so different from the others that are released.

Whatever was in it this was a good beer. It was cloudy, with some hoppy citrus smells like orange and grapefruit. There’s alternating levels of bitterness and a clean fresh taste, which might be because of  the mix or the growler format. It’s an easy drinking beer and with an ABV of 4.6% you could easily drink this all afternoon. If you’re ever around the brewery I suggest stopping by for some, and it still feels a little weird calling it this, Swamp Juice.


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