Sympathy for the Devil’s Cut

I am admittedly not fully qualified to do tasting notes for anything let alone bourbon which has so much going on. Almost too much, however a good bourbon controls all of these flavours giving the drinker an intense full experience without overwhelming them. I like bourbon  but don’t talk to me about shitty ass Tennessee whiskey a.k.a. the category of whiskey Jack Daniels made up because they weren’t good enough for bourbon. I have a soft spot for Jim Beam, it is cheap and I like to have the square bottle. It is just so edgy.  I grabbed some Devil’s Cut, clocking in at a 45% alcohol by volume, five percent more than their white label variety.  

Jim Beam DC2

Devil’s Cut has a medium amber body, with a complex nose characterized primarily by earthy tones and sharp hits of pepper.  It has robust and rich flavours slightly sweet and sharp on the inhale. You get a strong oak flavour from the barrel along with lots of spice. The finish is long lingering and calls you back for more.

The Devil’s Cut is a good bourbon with a stronger hit than the baseline Jim Beam model. It is a good stepping stone to The Knob Creek Single Barrel reserve which has an impressive 60% alcohol by volume as well as a great quality and value for money. It is something I highly suggest it to any bourbon or whiskey fans looking for a stiff drink. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut will become one of my go to bottles for a mid ranged bourbon for sure and is worth checking out.


Keep those bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery



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