Honey Ginger Shandy and Lone Pine IPA

Old Tomorrow Shandy

Old Tomorrow Honey Ginger Shandy

This is the second beer I’ve reviewed by Old Tomorrow, it was one of the contestants in our Great Canadian Pale Ale Showdown. For anyone who doesn’t know a shandy is a drink that’s half beer and half something else, typically a ginger ale or lemonade. It’s a refreshing summer drink.

The can for this drink is amazing, it’s a bright yellow that you can spot from several aisles away, very distinctive. The shandy portion of this was provided by Muskoka Springs Pale Ginger Ale. The shandy pours a gold colour, and looks and smells a lot like ginger ale (as one might expect). There’s some ginger flavours to it and it’s certainly sweet from the honey. It definitely fills the role of a summer dock drink, something you can sip at all afternoon.

Lone Pine IPA

Sawdust City Lone Pine IPA

I’m not a huge lover of IPAs, I’ve been pretty vocal about that. That being said this is a really enjoyable IPA. It’s registered as a strong beer since its ABV is 6.5%. It pours with a cloudy gold colour and a small amount of head. There’s a lot of hops on the nose and a little malt as well. Hops are definitely the dominant flavour in this but it’s not overwhelming, and has a clean fresh taste. If you’re trying to get more excited about IPAs then you have to try this.


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