Stranger than a Ginger’s Revenge

Stranger than fiction

Collective Arts Stranger than Fiction Porter

I was very excited to try this, since dark beers are typically my favourite. This is also the first Collective Arts beer I’ve tried, which is a bit inexcusable. Their can designs are very unique and some of the best looking craft labels out there.

This is your standard porter, it’s very dark in colour, with a dark brown head that is darker than Guinness, just as a reference point. There’s a lot of sweet caramel and malty notes coming through, that full bodied sweetness that fans of dark beer will recognize. There is a little bit of bitter and acidity in the front but that mellows out. This was an enjoyable dark beer, and one of the best craft dark beers I’ve ever had. It’d be exciting to see more craft breweries get into beers like porters and stouts instead. Does anyone have any other recommendations for good dark beers to try?

Revenge of the Ginger

Double Trouble Brewing Revenge of the Ginger Red IPA

This is going to come as quite a surprise but there’s a lot of ginger flavours in this. It pours as a very red flavour, with a white head. There’s a heat to this beer, something similar to horseradish, although not that spicy. This is a very interesting mix of hoppy, and gingery, without being either of them but wanting to be both. It’s an unusual beer to say the least.


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