The Big Bold Beautiful Beau’s Journey is Back

Words and pictures by Liam Montgomery

Beau's WW TG 1

It has been a while since I have written an article for this alliterative mess of a review series. After a brief hiatus the first beer this week was Beau’s Wag the Wolf, a hopfenweisse. I had to go to the Beau’s website to figure out what that meant, for those interested it is a  twist on the Bavarian weissbier. Wag the Wolf clocks in at  6.8 % ABV, and is a part of the Wild Oats Series. Accompanying Wag this week is the Tom Green Milk Stout. I’m not really a stout guy, I like coffee which I’ve often been told is a precursor to liking stouts but I rarely seek them out. It clocks in at 5%. Neither of these beers scream summer, but let’s get into it.

Beau's WW TG 2

Wag the Wolf is murky almost to the point of opacity and a golden colour. The head is gaseous hinting at a heavily carbonated drink. The most distinct flavour on the nose is a strong citrus with some light spice thrown in for good measure. Before tasting the beer it is easy to see that this is a strong beer. It is blunt on the tongue, quite hoppy with a strong wheat taste.  It has a dry finish which lingers.

Beau's WW TG 3 (1)

My experience with stouts is limited to having Guinness a couple times and trying Belhaven Black  one time.  In terms of dark beer the darkest that I will gravitate to is New Castle Brown Ale. Tom Green looks like your typical stout, it is black , more or less, with a white foamy head, with a slight brown tint.  It is earthy and chocolatey with a slight acidity on the nose.  The taste is smooth, earthy and quite creamy. It has a nice soft finish. I like it as much as, if not more than, any other stout I have had.

Beau's Coaster

Neither are at the top of my summer drinking list, Wag the Wolf is a good beer with a nice kick to it. And in my professional opinion The Tom Green Milk Stout is definitely a stout. Both are worth checking out, just not necessarily on a beach trip.

Keep Those Bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery


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