A Trip Down Great King Street

Great King 1

This is the first blended scotch that I am doing a bottle spotlight on.  Blended scotch generally gets a bad rap, I think this is largely a status thing, plus when people do buy blended they tend to buy cheap.  I’m here to say that blended scotch is good and generally very smooth. I may have said it before, but it is worth repeating. Though you may not be able to see it in the first photo about half of the bottle is gone. This was a part of the quality assurance I perform on my whiskey reviews. The eagle eyed amongst you imaginary readers of mine might have noticed this on earlier reviews. What you should be able to see in this photo is that the focus of today is Great King St Blended Scotch Whiskey. The Glasgow Blend to be specific. Put out by the Compass Box Whisky Co. it clocks in at 43%.

Great King 2

Let’s get into the fun part now. The body is a pale gold. On the nose there are iodine and smoky notes, mingling with sherry. Presumably this comes from one of the scotches used in the blend having been aged in a sherry cask. On the palate it has a light smoke, some spice and sherry notes. It is  full flavoured, yet smooth. The finish lingers it is well rounded with a slight sweetness.

Great King 3

Great King St says on the bottle it’s inspired by Glasgow ,it’s drinkers and other such buzzwords and phrases. With the use of the Wellington Statue topped with the traffic cone you get the impression that they are trying to reach the whimsical side of drinking while delivering a quality product. And I think they succeed, this is a scotch that I can sit and sip on to appreciate, but unlike some scotches it is good for inducing a desire to put pylons on statues.   

Keep those bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery


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