Ireland and Hop House 13

Welcome to our first round of Drinks with David international. For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook I’m currently travelling throughout Ireland, visiting some family and seeing the sites. That’s why we’ve been a bit dormant lately, as I’m just trying to enjoy myself.

Let’s set the scene. You’re in an Irish bar, there’s wood and brass everywhere, you can’t quite understand what the bartender’s saying to you and it’s raining out. What beer do you order? The stereotypical ask is for Guinness isn’t it?

That might have been the case years ago but now things have changed. Aside from the typical European beers on tap like Carlsberg and Heineken, Guinness have themselves led the charge in bringing new beers to the stage. I’ll be doing a larger story on what this means, and why it’s a good thing that an old giant of the beer world is changing but right now let’s look at one of their lighter offerings; Hop House 13.



This is a lager beer and about as far from Guinness stout as you can get. It’s got hops on the nose and a clean taste. There’s a lot of malt but not overwhelmingly hops or malt. It’s very refreshing, tasty and good.


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