Marks and Spencer Cocktails

For those who don’t know, Marks and Spencer is a department store popular based out of the U.K. Along with clothing they also sell food, including alcohol. Every time I’m in there I always drool over the prepared cocktails, which are all canned and ready to drink. I finally stopped wondering what they taste like by going out and trying two of them; the Caipirinha and their Whiskey and Ginger.



As a bit of background caipirinhas are the national cocktail of Brazil, involving cachaca rum, lime juice and sugar in some form. This one lists lime juice and two measures of cachaca rum as the ingredients. On the pour this comes out green and cloudy, with a healthy amount of carbonation. It has a strong smell that has the heat you usually associate with cachaca, combined with a hint of lime.

It has a very citrusy taste that’s mildly refreshing. It tastes very much like the one I make at home, which usually isn’t pretty good. I would be a bit disappointed if this was served to me in bar but for something that came from a can at a department store it isn’t bad.


Whiskey and Ginger

Normally this is one of my favourite cocktails, and a key part of my theory that ginger ale can be a good mixer for anything. This version was a bit odd though. Instead of whiskey this used Kenmore scotch, which seems like a bit of waste of scotch. It has a caramel colour and looks like apple juice or ginger ale, shockingly.

The smell of scotch is very strong, and the ginger is noticeably lacking. In terms of taste it’s almost entirely scotch, with just the slightest hint of ginger. This cocktail might be worth it if you’re a fan of scotch but even though I assume you’d be disappointed at the waste of good scotch.



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