Grow a Pear and Queen Street 501


Double Trouble Brewing Grow a Pear Cider

Pear cider is a traditional beverage in England, and is sometimes called perry. This pear cider is made from Ontario pears, and it’s also gluten free. The name is definitely one of the punniest names out there.

Once poured the colour is pale and clear, with a greenish hint to it. There’s a lot of carbonation and bubbles in the glass. On the nose there is, shockingly, a lot of fruit flavours, and it smells very clearly of the pear it’s made from. It has a refreshing, light taste and is sweet but not overpoweringly so.

Pear cider is an interesting category of drinks, with an unusual flavour. There isn’t always a lot of flavour going on, and that’s been a feature of the three perry’s I’ve tried so far. It is a uniquely refreshing beverage though, much better than beer or cider at quenching thirst on a hot summer day. This is a must try, especially if you’re looking for other fruit drinks after getting hooked on cider.

20160806_130349 (1)

Brickworks Ciderhouse Queen Street 501

This comes from a specific ciderworks, not a brewery looking to branch out. It has a pale yellow colour, without much carbonation so no bubbles distorting the glass. There’s a strong apple scent that smells more like apple juice than other ciders. It also has a much stronger apple taste than other ciders, while also being crisp and a little tart. This is an excellent cider and one to try for anyone curious about what the excitement is about cider.


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