Day of the Dalwhinnie 15

To get into the spooky halloween mood I am going to be looking at Dalwhinnie 15. Something completely unrelated to Halloween and anything spooky. It is a Highland scotch coming from you guessed it the Scottish Highlands, Dalwhinnie has the unique claim of being the highest distillery in Scotland. Dalwhinnie 15 comes in at 43% ABV. Highland scotches tend to be what people think of when thinking of scotch. It is geographically the largest scotch producing region, and as such a great quantity, and variety of scotch whisky comes from there.  


The body is a pale (ghostly) gold, or a light straw. The nose is similarly light, hints of smoke offset with some sweetness. The palate of the scotch has a nice soft smoke, it is well rounded and goes down smooth. The finish is warm, and fades nicely.

I’d say that the Dalwhinnie 15 is a scotch which hits the boxes you need, it doesn’t blow me away in any one spot, but it is a good all-rounder. If you like highland scotch, hell if you like  scotch you’ll probably like this . For those looking for something similar you could do the Highland Park 12, which is another Highland scotch with a bit more pepper and spice in the profile if I recall it.

Keep those bottoms up,

Liam Montgomery


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